Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Finally A Second Post

So here it is…two more days until we all head out to outreach, and I have not even once updated my blog. Soooo, I guess better late than never… where do I even begin Well, I guess if you guys don’t know yet I am going to Cambodia for my outreach! WOOHOO! I am so stinking excited and yah no words can describe how incredible lecture phase was! Today was the last day of lectures…so weird. It seriously went by way, way too fast. I have fallen so in love with New Zealand and the people on my DTS and this base and most importantly God. I wanna try to find eloquent words to describe the love our heavenly father has for us and why I have fallen so in love with Him, but it’s quite simple: I am just captured by His steadfast, unfailing love for me and for all people in all nations. God is our first love, and I pray that I never forget that.

I encountered this crazy love one night when I became totally and completely vulnerable with God. All I could vision while I cried my eyes out was Jesus simply sweeping me off my stubborn feet, and carrying me while I just let Him be strong in my weakness… never had I felt so much peace and trust and joy and love.  But here’s the craziest part: that was just a tiny glimpse of His love for me…

So yes, this is just one of the many incredible experiences and revelations that I have encountered during the lecture phase, and not to even mention all the adventures I checked off my bucket list that I did on the weekends with the outdoor pursuits team! Just to quickly recap:

            Hiking up waterfalls, and getting lost and having a mud fight.

            Kayaking the third most beautiful coastline in the world

            Paintball… it seriously was the best paintball park ever

            Canyoning and camping… that is where you propel down waterfalls

            Caving and saw glow worms…it was so incredible they are like stars in a cave

Sailing. Ahhh such a great weekend…favorite part was at 1 o’clock in the morning and we found that the ocean had phosphorescence that glowed when anything hit the water. Yah haha it was the most magical and incredible thing I have ever seen. It blew my mind and that’s God’s creativity ahhh so in awe. I cannot even describe how wonderful it was.

Yup that’s kinda a sum up of my life these past three months . . . I feel like I have forgotten so much!  

Well, I hope to be able to post more about my adventures! I am sorry I haven’t kept up with telling you all about them! I love you all and miss you tons!

Tah tah for now…

Rebeka Victoria

picture taken by Conner Sima

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Soooo I finally started my blog! WOO! Oh man, these past weeks have been so incredible…actually there is not a word to emphasize how amazing it has been here so far! And it has only been six official days since the DTS has started. But to track some of my adventures thus far here are some of the major adventures I have done:

                I arrived super early, and got to really spend some alone time at the base and prepare myself. While doing this I was able to individually get to know the staff here! SO that was awesome. But my favorite memory was driving to the nearest beach and surfing in the super cold ocean water! Ahh I cannot express to you how beautiful it was, it seriously was paradise. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my I-pod to capture the beauty.  But I bought my first liquid gold soda, L&P, tim-tams (famous nz chocolate snacks), and my new favorite drink Guava sparkling drink!

                Went into Auckland to meet all the students! In Auckland, as everyone trickled in, we all roamed all around the outskirts of the city. The group of students is all so adventurous and so hungry for more of God, and just so amazing. Anyway we went to the same humongous hill every day to make sure everyone got to see the beauty of it when on top (you could see the whole city of Auckland). Needless-to-say, the three days we stayed at Te Ao Marama was such an amazing time of bonding with everyone.

                DTS BEGINS! The first day we went to a nearby waterfall and it was like everything else in New Zealand…so stinking beautiful and breath-taking. While there, I decided to jump in the water. Let’s just say I got permanent goose bumps…I have never been so cold in my life. But it felt so good at the same time, haha!

                I chased baby pigs, and they have such a hilarious squeal!

                I live on a farm.

                I have the best roommates, best room, best window view, best bed…

                AND Joehelen is my one-on-one!
Typical New Zealand View

The Bridge Leading to the Farmland Over Railroad Tracks

Beautiful Place on the Base Property
Apart of the Farm

My Bed!

Typical Beautiful Sunset

The View From My Bedroom
The sunrises right over that about waking up right!
Well, that's it for today kiddos!
Tah Tah for now!
Rebeka Victoria